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Bosch drill price in Kenya

A drill is one of those essential tools for every workshop and DIYers tool kit. If you are in the market for a drill, then you must have come across the Bosch drill. If you are familiar with the Bosch brand, you already know that it is a credible and reliable brand that makes dependable tools. The Bosch drills in Kenya are no different. To the next concern, how about the Bosch drill price in Kenya?

If you already have your sights on a Bosch drill online or even offline, chances are you might find the same drill being sold at varying prices by different suppliers and stores. This can become quite confusing for you especially when the "you get what you pay for" cliche comes to mind. Well, some suppliers just choose to overcharge you while others might not be selling the genuine product.

Your worry for the Bosch drill price in Kenya ends here. We are a recommended Bosch supplier in the country and we bring you the genuine Bosch drills at the best Bosch drill price in Kenya. We import the drills directly from Bosch and sell them to you directly at the best prices. We do not use third parties or brokers that raise the price for the end user.

We have in stock a wide variety of all types of drills. The drills you will find in stock include; the classic drill drivers, the Combi drills, SDS hammer drills and Impact drivers. The combi drills are a favorite for many people due to their versatility. These drills can be used for both simple and hard tasks alike because they have the hammer or impact functionality together with the drilling functionality. Hammer drills on the other hand just offer that functionality and superior power for difficult tasks. Bosch impact drills are made for the toughest applications. They therefore come with state of the art features that ensure versatility and precision.

They also have impressive motors that drive the power you need when you need it. They are made for professional users and come with safety features such as kick back control to keep the users safe in all conditions.

That is not all, these cordless Bosch drills come with 12V and 18V battery packs that give you the desired smooth performance and the power you need regardless of the surface you are working on. You will surely be impressed by their optimum weight that allows you to keep working for long. The long battery time ensures that you can work for long without stopping for recharging. And that is not all, you can switch and mix the battery packs and chargers if you have different Bosch tools since they are all compatible with each other. That saves you money too.

Do you want to make the best investment in a power drill? Are you looking to pay the most affordable Bosch drill price in Kenya? Well, look no further than our company.