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Car Washing machine price in Kenya

Cleaning a car without the right equipment is a really arduous task. Getting rid of the mud and the dirt that accumulates on the tires and under the hood or the grime and dirt particles that accumulate inside the car is really challenging. It is quite impossible to do without a car washing machine. You can invest in a car washing machine for professional use at a car wash business or you can use one at home to clean your car on the weekends. Cleaning your car at home can save you a lot of money in the long run and even make for a fun activity to do with the kids. You will find many car washing machines at different car washing machine prices in Kenya. So, which one is right for you?

Different brands and models come with different features which affect the price. The car washing machine price in Kenya first depends highly on the motor technology used in the washing machine. The motor can either be induction, brushless or brushed. Brushless motors are highly preferred because they have fewer moving parts and therefore they do not get spoilt easily. On the other hand, car washing machines with brushless motors cost a bit more than those with the other older motors.

Another factor that affects the car washing machine price in Kenya, is the speed and power of the machine. A machine with a high capacity is better because it is able to achieve a high water pressure and more water flow. That means therefore that cleaning becomes easy and quick for you. The power of the machine is given in Watts while the speed of the engine is rated in RPM. A speed with a high RPM ensures a high water flow and a good water pressure. However, you have to spend a bit more for a machine that offers better performance.

A machine with a high water flow rate gives a better wash by delivering more water per minute to remove the dirt and grime accumulated on the car. High water pressure also means more efficient cleaning. These factors also affect the car washing machine price in kenya. You could be wondering how you can land yourself a quality car washing machine for either professional or home use at the best car washing machine price in Kenya.

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