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Chaff cutters for sale in Kenya

Looking for chaff cutters for sale in Kenya? Then you are at the right place. For farmers and ranch owners, a chaff cutter is one of those machines they cannot live without. A chaff cutter makes it easy to cut dry grass and green fodder of all types including straw, maize stalks, and Napier grass for animals. But that is not all that a chaff cutter can do. There are some multipurpose chaff cutters that can also be used for thrashing and crushing with simple adjustments.

If you are looking to invest in a serious chaff cutter then we can help. Whether you want a small chaff cutter for your few animals or a need a powerful and more capable chaff cutter for a dairy farm we have got you covered. We stock a wide variety of quality chaff cutters with different power capabilities and different sizes to suit all your needs.

You can also choose between the diesel powered and the electric powered chaff cutters. Most farmers like to take the chaff cutter to the field so they can cut the fodder at the farm and transport it when it is already cut. This makes the work really easy and also the cut fodder remains left at the farm act as manure. Also, you might want to start a business of cutting fodder for other farmers in your neighborhood and charge for the services. If this sounds like you, then a fuel powered chaff cutter will work wonders for you. For small scale farmers you can have the chaff cutter permanently positioned somewhere on your farm where you do all the cutting. In such a case the electric chaff cutter will work well for you.

To ensure that you get the best out of your chaff cutter, our brands have wheels to make it easy to transport the machine from one position to the next. You can even truck mount our chaff cutters and travel with them from one farm to the next. For versatility, the chaff cutters we have in stock allow you to change the blades and cut a wide range of materials. Speaking of which, the chaff cutters come with steel blades that are razor sharp and long lasting.

Out of the many chaff cutters for sale in Kenya that you will find, ours stand out when it comes to efficiency. The quality brands that we have in stock both electric and fuel powered are highly efficient. This means that you do not spend so much on fuel or shoot your electricity bill over the roof. Through this high efficiency you can keep the costs down which eventually means more profits in your pocket.

Chaff cutters can be dangerous and therefore we ensure that our products have state of the art safety features that offer superior protection to the user.

Our chaff cutters will give you many years of service and are made for high performance to cost ratio. Browse our wide variety of top grade chaff cutters for sale in Kenya and let us help you to make an investment that you will be proud of many years to come.