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Concrete mixers for sale in Kenya

Concrete mixers come in many different sizes with the truck mounted or trailer mixers being the biggest. The most common at constructions sites are the portable single drum concrete mixers. They are easily portable making it easy to move them to the exact place where you want to pour the concrete which enhances the process. If you are in the market for concrete mixers for sale in Kenya, you might have come across many different types at different prices which can get confusing.

We have a rich portfolio of popular brands of concrete mixers from renowned manufacturers for you to choose from. What's more, as a leading company we have a highly trained team of sales technicians that will help you understand the specifications and features of each brand of concrete mixer and how that translates to benefits for your company or business.

Why choose our concrete mixers?

We have in stock the best concrete mixers for sale in Kenya. Depending on your needs, we stock concrete mixers of all sizes from 140L upwards to the big ones of 750L and the trailer mounted ones. The big ones are ideal for big projects and when you need to pour a lot of concrete at once. The small ones are ideal for projects where you need to pour small amounts of concrete at a time.

Our quality concrete mixers offer smooth and reliable performance. They come with powerful and efficient engines that work overtime so you never experience any downtime. Not to mention that we only stock products that come with engines of unmatched efficiency. That means you get more work done with minimal costs on fuel. You can also choose between different power options for the same category of concrete mixers.

The variety we have also includes electric concrete mixers and fuel powered versions. The fuel powered concrete mixers are a hit with many contractors because of the versatility they offer. You can take the concrete mixer with you anywhere and work at any site with or without mains connections and without requiring a generator.

Construction sites in Kenya can get muddy while others are in places where accessibility is not that good. As such, we stock concrete mixers fitted with all terrain wheels that allow you to reach the site with ease. Just mount the concrete mixer at the back of your truck and it will go wherever easily without dragging you back or getting stuck.

As a leading supplier of concrete mixers for sale in Kenya, we are obsessed with providing our customers with the best quality possible. As such we only stock products that we can confidently stand behind and give you a guarantee of quality. Most of our products are in the many construction sites around the country with big contractors and small repair men alike. We have something for everyone.

Want a concrete mixer that works hard for you at the best prices? You can get the best brands and the best service here. Contact us today for more information about our products.