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Earth Auger for sale in Kenya

A drill helps you bore small holes on wood, walls and metal. What if you want to bore a hole with a bigger surface area for instance on land? That is where an earth auger comes in handy. If you are looking for an earth auger for sale in Kenya, there are some considerations that you should have in mind before you can make the purchase. Here are some;

The size

Earth augers are available in three different models. The models are; hand, one person and two person models. The hand auger is the smallest of them all and only makes small holes. This one is usually used for making small holes to plant seeds or seedlings. The one-person model is bigger than the hand model but usually smaller than the two-person model. The two person model is more powerful and ideal for hard soil surfaces.

Depth capacity

This means how deep the earth auger can go. If you will be making deep holes then you need an earth auger with a deep capacity. Some earth augers can go as deep as 7.5 ft.

Replaceable bits – Adjustable diameter

There are also some specific models that allow you to change the drills so you can adjust the diameter for different operations. For instance, if you need to drill wider holes for tree planting, you can change the narrow bit and install a wider one for that purpose.

Manual or powered?

Earth augers come as either manual or engine powered. The engine powered models are much easier to use. The manual models require a little bit of muscle especially when pulling out. The choice here really depends on how often you use the earth auger and on what type of soil. For commercial purposes where the earth auger is used on different soil types and for different purposes, go with the powered one person or two person auger.

Your earth auger supplier of choice

There are many earth augers for sale in Kenya you will find on online platforms. But, if you want to get the best quality earth auger then you need to choose your supplier a bit more keenly. We are a prominent and renowned supplier of earth augers and other related tools in the country for a long time. Our inventory is comprised of many high quality brands with a variety of different sizes for you to choose from.

As a leading supplier, we stock highly ergonomic earth augers. Drilling the earth is not an easy task. You should be prepared for it but when you have an ergonomic machine to work with, you know half the work has already been done for you. Our earth augers come in innovative designs, have comfortable handles and come with low vibration technology. All of these features ensure you can keep working for long without fatigue.

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