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Knapsack sprayer prices in Kenya

Spraying to control weeds and pests on the garden and animals is inevitable for any farmer. It is a chore that no one looks up to especially when you do not have the right tools for the job. A knapsack sprayer is one of the important tools that makes it easy to spray. If you are in the market for a knapsack sprayer, you might have seen so many choices with different knapsack sprayer prices in Kenya which can become confusing. Even though the design might look the same for most of the knapsack sprayers, but the devil is in the details.

There are many subtle features you need to look at in the overall design of the knapsack sprayer to determine which one is really worth your money. This is where working with a credible knapsack sprayer supplier in Kenya like our company comes in handy. The knapsack sprayers we have in stock are not only of high quality but they also come with innovative, unique and exceptional features that make the sprayers better than the rest.

Here are some of the features of the knapsack sprayers we have in stock.

Powerful pumps – a good knapsack sprayer should be able to generate powerful sprays of whatever chemical mixtures you will be spraying to the farm or animal. This is why a strong and powerful pump is essential. Most of the pumps we have can generate 150 PSI of pressure which is enough to throw decent jets of spray far to make your work easier. But sometimes, you might need to generate softer sprays. A good knapsack sprayer should therefore have a pressure limiter for that purpose.

Ergonomic features and design – knapsack sprayers are also called backpack sprayers because you use them while carrying them on your back. A quality knapsack sprayer worth the price you have to pay for it is one that comes with features that protect you from harm and fatigue during use. Our knapsack sprayers have innovative ergonomic features including lightweight design, padded straps, adjustable straps, long wand, rounded back, and many others. We make sure that your safety and comfort is guaranteed.

Changeable nozzles – there are times you will want the jets to be spread out and thin, while other times you will need a single directed jet like water from a hose. A good knapsack sprayer comes with adjustable nozzles and extra nozzles that you can easily change to adjust the spray output to suit your current needs.

These are not the only features and benefits you will enjoy. You will also get a quality product that works well and lasts you long. Our sprayers have leak proof designs and are made with high craftsmanship that you will truly enjoy. With these and many other benefits, out knapsack sprayers are worth the knapsack sprayer prices in Kenya that they come with.

We work directly with quality manufacturers locally and internationally to bring you the best knapsack sprayers you can find in the market today. Place your order today.