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Makita Cordless Drill price in Kenya

The signature blue and black styling of Makita drills is a common site at construction sites, worksites and many workshops around the country. This is because of the reliability and performance you get with a Makita drill. Makita is a credible brand and they have had their cordless drill line for a long time. Therefore, it is not surprising to see their cordless drill technology evolve greatly over the years to become the leading cordless drills they are today. It is only natural that you would therefore be concerned about the Makita cordless drill price in Kenya knowing that they have some of the best in the market.

The Makita cordless drills come with 18V lithium ion technology that gives you more power in a small pack. But that is not all, the company has invested in state of the art battery technology that delivers more power when you need it. This optimized delivery of power is achieved through tech that allows communication between the critical components of the drill. When the torque and the speed of the drill head are high, more power is sent from the battery and vice versa. This optimization ensures you can work for long with the cordless drill in between charges.

Another important aspect of the Makita cordless drills is the engines. To ensure high efficiency, nimble engines and quick power delivery, Makita cordless drills come with brushless motors. These motors also do not have many moving parts and therefore last longer than the brushed motors. As a result of these motors and other technological advances, Makita is able to contain some of their most powerful drills in some of the most compact drills you will find in the market. Do not let the small size fool you. These drills pack a punch and work even better than some other big factor drills available in the market. Do not ask why the Makita cordless drill price in Kenya is high for such "small" drills. They are not small in performance and reliability.

Makita drills are made to last. Every part of the drill small or big is of high quality. The body form is made to fit right into your hands and can resist those hard falls from the table top as you work. When you buy Makita, you get a drill that will serve you many years to come. This way, even if the Makita cordless drill price in Kenya is higher at first, you are assured you will get the return on your investment.

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