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Makita Grinder Price in Kenya

A grinder is an important tool in many auto repair shops, construction sites and workshops. It is a versatile tool used for sanding, cutting, grinding, sharpening, and polishing. Makita is one of the most trusted brands delivering quality and innovative grinders to suit a wide array of needs. The Makit grinder price in Kenya varies between different models based mostly on the power, disc size and other features.

Makita grinders are usually available as corded and cordless with a few models being pneumatic. With their innovative technologies, they have been able to create powerful cordless grinders that perform at par with both corded ones. The choice here therefore depends largely on your work needs. If you work entirely from a workshop, a corded grinder will be fine. If however you are a repair man moving from one place to the other and at times working at sites without power connection, you should go with a cordless grinder.

Makita grinders also come in different disc sizes. There are the big sizes that enable you to work on large projects quickly. The small disc sizes are ideal for small tasks and tasks where more focus or precision is required. Most of the Makita grinders allow you to change the discs depending on the task at hand.

Makita grinders do not dissapoint when it comes to power and performance. Most of the grinders come with a high revolutions per minute (RPM). This means that the disc rotates quickly and gets the work done quickly and well. Makita grinders come with decent RPM ratings of 5000 and above which are ideal for professional and personal uses. To enhance performance, most of the Makita grinders come with brushless motors. These motors deliver greater power that gets your work done and are more efficient.

To enhance performance, Makita also incorporates the automatic torque drives in their grinders. This technology adjusts the speed and torque depending on the load. The tool therefore delivers more power exactly when you need it. This optimization of power maximizes batter runtimes if you are working with a cordless grinder. Although these innovative features can drive the Makita grinder price in Kenya upwards, it is a small price to pay for the benefits you enjoy over time.

Working with a grinder can get tiring and if you work with it everyday, fatigue and back problems can creep in. To keep you comfortable and protected as you work, the Makita grinders come with unique and exemplary ergonomic and safety features. The handles are soft and comfortable to grip on even for long. The Makita grinders also come with side handles to give you leverage you need to maneuver the grinder. Safety features include anti-restart, lock-off switch, auto-shut off and many others.

If you are in the market for a grinder then Makita is a good brand to consider. If you would want to enjoy the best Makita grinder price in Kenya, then we are the supplier for you. Place your order today.