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Milking machine price in Kenya

Every dairy farmer appreciates the service of a good milking machine. A milking machine comes with many benefits including it eases work, reduces the amount of labor required, cuts down operation costs, improve production, and reduces time it takes to milk even thousands of cows. As important as a milking machine is for dairy farmers, finding one that suits your needs is not usually that easy. What's more, the milking machine price in Kenya can be a turn off for many small scale farmers who might want to enhance their farming with one.

To make it easier for farmers like you, we stock high quality milking machines of different capacities. We work directly with international and local manufacturers of these machines as recommended suppliers. As such, we are able to bring you the quality that you deserve with the most affordable milking machine price in Kenya. You do not have to continue struggling with hand milking and poor handling of milk which reduces quality of your product and eventually your profits.

Our machines are made with longevity in mind. The materials used to make the parts are of superior quantity to ensure youo get nothing but the best. The pipes, the tanks, the engine, milking claws, and the body, everything is quality and top grade. This ensures that you will invest in a machine that will serve you years on end without breakdowns and performance problems.

We also stock milking machines that come with powerful pulsations pumps that enable quick milking and reduce discomfort to the cow. This way, the cows do not hold back the milk which means more production for you. Also, the pulsation pumps reduce chances of damage and mastitis occuring to the teats keeping your cow healthy and happy.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance when milking. If cleanliness of the cow and the milking machine is not maintained the milk produced is not healthy. As such, we stock machines that are very easy to clean and maintain. The simplicity of the machine also makes it easy to operate. The milking claws and other parts are easy to detach and keep clean.

For the portable milking machines, we stock machines that have large wheels for easy transportation of the machine from one part to the other. The portable machines come in two variants with one and two milking buckets each. However, even if these buckets are not enough for you, you can hook up the milking machines to a storage tank which will also help to maintain the quality of your milk.

If you are in the market for a milking machine to boost your dairy farm, then you should consider our company. We guarantee you superior quality at the best milking machine prices in Kenya. We have a wide variety in stock for you to choose from. If you feel overwhelmed by the many choices we have a highly trained team of experts that will guide you on how to land the best machine for your needs and budget.