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Plate Compactor Price in Kenya

A plate compactor is an important piece of equipment in the construction industry. It is used to compact soil to make it more solid for installing structures on top. Over the years, there has been increasing demand for more outdoor living space in Kenya. People want to install patios, driveways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and other structures that enhance outdoor living. A plate compactor comes in handy in such a scenario. They come in different sizes with different capabilities and features that affect the plat compactor price in Kenya.

Here are some of the factors that affect the plate compactor price in Kenya.

Compaction force – different plate compactor models exert different force on the ground to be compacted. This compaction force determines how hard the ground will be after compaction. The higher the compaction force, the more the compaction depth you are able to achieve and also the harder the ground will be. The compaction force is usually given in pounds rating. If you choose a higher compaction force, expect the plate compactor price in Kenya to also be higher.

Engine capacity – the other factor affecting plate compactor price in Kenya is the engine capacity. The capacity of the engine is given in CC with a higher CC giving better performance with a little more fuel consumption. For instance, expect an 80CC engine to offer better performance than one with a 60CC capacity.

Engine power – another factor that affects the performance of a plate compactor is the engine power. The power is given in HP rating. A plate compactor with a higher HP will offer more power to get the job done therefore the job is done quickly and properly. The higher the engine capacity, the higher the plate compactor price in Kenya. An engine with 7HP rating will perform better than one with 5HP all other factors remaining constant.

Another factor that affects the plate compactor price in Kenya is the type of compactor you go for. Plate compactors are available as either forward driver or reversible plate compactors. Usually, the reversible plate compactors offer high compaction force. The reverse capability is added to make it easier to maneuver the plate compactor. With the reverse functionality you can steer the large compactors and follow needed compaction patterns.

The reversing mechanisms can either be hydraulic or cable drive. Top end compactors with a high compaction force use the hydraulic reverse mechanism. It is more reliable than the cable drive reverse mechanism which is suitable for compactors with small compaction force capabilities. Plate compactors with hydraulic mechanisms come with a higher plate compactor price in Kenya than those with cable drive.

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