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Sugarcane Juicer Machine Nairobi

The sugarcane juice craze that has hit the country is not going away any time soon. People are now more health conscious and want to consume juices that have health benefits. Sugarcane juice offers a wide array of health benefits which is why it is a favorite for many people in Nairobi. If you want to benefit from this new trend, then you need a sugarcane juice machine Nairobi to start your own juice parlor.

When choosing a sugarcane juice machine Nairobi, there are certain things to look out for. Here are some;

• A stainless steel body for durability and easy to clean
• A machine that separates dregs and juice so you get the juice fast and clean
• A machine that is easy to clean and operate
• A multipurpose machine that can also be used with other fruits and vegetables
• A highly efficient machine to save electricity and leave you with more profits
• A machine with low noise and a compact body form so it is easy to move and store.

There are also other features that you should look out for that will make your machine easy to use. For instance, pressure adjustment feature. This feature allows you to work effectively with both thin and thick cane stalks. For the thick canes you loosen the pressure while you tighten it up for the thin stalks. It is also prudent to check for a machine that offers a high power output. Crushing the hard sugarcane stalks is not an easy task. It requires a sugarcane machine that is delivering the required power consistently.

To make your business worthwhile, it is important to go with a sugarcane juice machine Nairobi that delivers maximum yield. A good sugarcane juice machine will extract all the juice from the sugarcane without any losses so you get as much juice as possible. The more the juice you can extract the more profits you will make.

You also have a choice between a manual or motor engine sugarcane juice machine Nairobi. The choice here really boils down to the preference you have. However, it is best to go with an engine run machine to make work easier and fast especially for business. If you are buying a sugarcane juice machine for home use, a manual one can be a perfect choice for you. Also, expect to expend some energy to extract juice from a sugarcane manually. If you have back problems a manual machine might not be the one for you.

You could be wondering where to buy a sugarcane juice machine Nairobi? We sugarcane juice machine experts. We have supplied so many of the sugarcane machines you see in juice parlors around the city. We have in stock superior brands that tick all the right boxes for you. From ease of operation, stainless steel body to last you long, ease of cleaning to powerful engines, our products offer you everything. We also have different models to meet the requirements you have. Contact us today to learn more.