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Walking tractors for sale in Kenya

For centuries, Kenyan farmers have been known to always be tired from the drudgery of farm work. They toil on the farm all day long with very little progress and go home without the energy to kill a fly. This is now a thing of the past. Many farmers are now turning to walking tractors which are more affordable and help them do the farm work quickly. For this reason there has been an upsurge of walking tractors for sale in Kenya. But not all walking tractors are made equal.

Other benefits that farmers enjoy from using walking tractors include; higher yields which improve their socio-economic status, food security, and some start the hire service businesses with the tractors. Buying a walking tractor is a good investment that every small scale to large scale farmer in the country should be thinking about.

If you have been in the market for walking tractors for sale in Kenya, then you might have seen so many types with different features and selling at different prices. You might also have seen new and old ones alike put for sale. So how do you choose the right walking tractor for your needs and budget? We can help you walk in tow with a quality, brand new walking tractor at prices that will make your pockets smile.

A full tractor costs millions of shillings and is beyond the reach of many farmers. A walking tractor is way cheaper than that which makes it a good alternative for small scale farmers. The walking tractors are also very easy to use and only require one user. This is unlike bulls which require more people to operate. What's more, our quality walking tractors allow many attachments to be added making the tool highly versatile.

Our walking tractors come with effective engines that consume very little fuel to till an acre of land. This keeps the operation costs down for the farmer and eventually therefore they get more profits in their pockets. Furthermore, we have walking tractors for sale in Kenya with strong and powerful engines. As such, our tractors are able to keep going regardless of how hard the soil is or how the conditions on the land are. When it is time to harvest, you can attach a trailer to your walking tractor and easily pull half a tonne of produce safely and easily to your home.

And, that is not all. We also have models that can do other chores like pumping water and operating a chaff cutter. This is the machine that has got small scale farmers just like you fully covered. It is the one machine that many of the farmers in this country cannot do without.

If you would like to make this investment and join hundreds of farmers that are already benefiting from walking tractors then we are here for you. We have a variety of quality walking tractors for sale in Kenya for you to choose from. Contact us today and let us walk this very important journey with you.